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From Quran Education to Marriage Ceremonies

Hajj & Umrah

We offer Hajj and Umrah Services, providing guided and organized pilgrimage journeys to Mecca for devout Muslims.

Quran Education

Quran Education involves the structured teaching of the Holy Quran, emphasizing its recitation, meanings, and core teachings.


We provide Marriage Services, uniting individuals in matrimony according to Islamic traditions and principles.


We ensure your sacrifices are processed Islamically, delivered to your home or given to students in our madrasas.

Touch the hearts of millions of people!


UK Islamic Cultural Center: A Journey from 1984.

In 1984, UK Turkish Islamic Cultural Center Foundation was established and started its activities. Initially, the activity of teaching to students started in a rented building, and Enderun Community Association’s building was originally purchased in 1985.

In 1986 and 1991 two major constructions were carried out to renovate our building and in 1996 we bought the next building (old coal warehouse) and combined the two buildings for a provide better services.

Until today, over 10.000 people from all parts of the society have been receiving religious education and the same religious services continue to be provided with other 21 branches throughout the United Kingdom.

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